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We want to create a community of entrepreneurs, not just artists! By helping you build your own business!



We want to educate our community on the pitfalls of the Music Industry. It is our goal to teach an artist how to conduct business, and realize their worth! 


We will protect our Artist by consulting, redlining, and, if needed, providing experienced legal counsel to negotiate any major contracts!



We will leverage our network to help get your music distributed and heard by the right people!

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Artist Benefits

“Empowering Artists to Control their Own Financial Success”

Hardship Program

We will help find funding for artists in dealing with; medical hardship, family tragedy, stolen instruments, job loss, etc.

Legal Help

We’ll provide opportunities to discuss legal issues with our team at a reduced cost.


We’ve uploaded legal documents that can be purchased by Artist under the Free Memberships and at no cost for Leverage Artist.

Music Distribution

Leverage Artists have access to our distribution partners. We’ll help you get discovered!

Why do you need Leverage ?

Walk into any boardroom in America for a business meeting with nothing in hand and watch how fast you get chewed up and spit out!

As you pick yourself up and dust off your backside, you can’t figure out why nothing went your way. You were reasonable.

You didn’t try to get greedy and you had a great product, but nothing went your way. Why? You didn’t have Leverage!

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What Other People Say About us

  • Congratulations on launching Leverage! Thank you for protecting the rights of artists everywhere. I remember when you shared this idea with me; I thought it was great then and I am very happy to see it come to fruition now. The future is transparency and honesty! The waves of change are coming.

  • Leverage has been amazing!!! I'm so happy you have created a platform to really help artists!!  

    KeKe Novo
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