Why You Need Leverage?

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Walk into any boardroom in America for a Business meeting with nothing in hand, and watch how fast you get chewed up and spit out! As you pick yourself up and dust off your backside, you can’t figure out, why nothing went your way. You were reasonable.  You didn’t try to get greedy, you had a great product, but still, absolutely nothing went your way, Why? You didn’t have Leverage!

Leverage has many meanings, but this is the simplest way I can say it “Leverage is the use of something to maximum advantage”. You use leverage all the time in every aspect of your life, since the day you were born, and you came out screaming to high heavens because you were hungry, someone fed you! That behavior was natural, but for some reason you grew up and decided you could negotiate a deal with just a dream and a great product. Business doesn’t work like that. Especially, the music business. Its cutthroat, every man is out for themselves, and as an artist you are the lowest on the totem pole. You are the foundation that this whole industry is built on, and from my view that’s a good thing, because that is something you could leverage!

This industry doesn’t exist without you! If you would just realize this, you would be better for it. But just realizing your worth isn’t good enough. You have to bring more to the meeting than just that! You need to bring Followers, that’s leverage! You need to bring money, that’s leverage! You need to bring, a brand, that’s leverage! You need to bring a lawyer you can trust, and a desire to succeed without them and their machine, that’s leverage! And then, and only then can you walk out a meeting excited because you just negotiated what you want! In short you need a Team!

Now how do you go about building a team when, your 17-18yrs old, you don’t have money for branding, lawyers, marketing, nor do you have the knowledge to navigate in an industry that’s is way bigger and way more savvy than you? How? You go to joinleverage.com an sign up for just $20 a month, and let us be the team behind you. Lets us provide our 20 yrs of experience and expertise to help you walk into that meeting and get what you want! For the price you’d pay your barber you can have a team of professionals looking out for your best interest with no strings attached! Sounds to good to be true? Well it is, we at Leverage have dedicated our lives to protect artist from a unyielding  industry, and help them own and control their financial futures.

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